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Nile Cruises

Enjoy the best ever Holiday 

While cruising the Nile

When you cruise the fabled Nile River, whether up or down, it lets you explore Upper Egypt (from Luxor to Aswan or VV) to the full.

Have the best time on board of the most luxurious Nile Cruises, enjoying the exceptional ambience of unique Egypt as well as enjoying a variety of Local and International Cuisines.

Nile Cruise Holidays

The Nile River, since antiquities, has been the lifeline stream of Egypt. Historically, cruising the Nile was the only way to visit the extraordinary faraway Nile Treasures, from very early in the history of the country, through the Greco-Roman Period, down to the Nineteenth century when Thomas Cook sailed his first steam cruiser on the Nile. It is still a popular and the most preferable means of visiting all remarkable structures built through millennia along the banks of a non-such river.

Whether you’re a first time visitor to Egypt or not, the most relaxed mode of travel across the historically rich Nile Valley, and avoiding the typically hectic road journeys of stop and go, wasting your time, preventing you from travelling in a far more leisurely way. Then, cruise the River Nile on Board of a Luxurious 5 Star Nile Cruise, to experience the Nile River and its valley, in all its grandeur in 3, 4 or 7 nights, navigating you to sights and giving you the very authentic taste of local life. In addition of visiting a wider variety of monuments, waking to the soft light of the morning sun, explore the sights, and then relax on the shaded sundeck  enjoying a hot or cold drink, around you, your children enjoying the pool on the deck, in a unique contrast, enjoying the lavish luxury of modern accommodation facilities, while gaining a perspective view of true rural communities in Egypt, where the fellahin’s (farmers’) houses are the same like their predecessors, built of crude mud-brick live much the same way as their predecessors, working the land sowing, ploughing, and harvesting, going back home riding their donkeys, a live scene of 5000 years of culture slowly drift by. The scenery is not complete but after you watch a flight of migrant birds above, and around you fishermen in their felucca boats casting their nets Waving to you with welcome words.

Cruising The River Nile & explore the Mysteries of 5000 years of History.

Whether you decide a 3, 4 or 7 nights Nile Cruise, in all you’ll enjoy the most pleasant accommodation while strolling through gigantic temples, upon every stop, the only difference between numbers of nights of accommodation, is that more nights give you more relax, comfort and no push for the sights, but in all you’ll get the same visits: