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Egypt’ Entry Visa


Source of all data below: Egypt Visa (the only official site-to get Egypt’s e-visa)

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My Egypt’ Entry-Visa 

Kindly note that:

Over 180 nationalities qualify for getting a visa upon entry provided the passport holder has a valid and used visa for the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the Schengen Area (Schengen visa), Japan, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand. Additionally, 78 nationalities qualify for visa on entry or an electronic visa. You can check the full list of eligible countries and apply and pay for your visa online using Egypt’s online application portal, Egypt Visa, or get your visa upon arrival for 25 USD from the bank counter in the passport control area at the airport. A discount of 10 USD is available for tourists arriving at Luxor or Aswan airports during the months of June, July, and August

.Do I need a visa to go to Egypt?

Maybe this is the first question comes into mind for any traveller to Egypt. The answer of this question is a very big yes and little No.

Simply, most foreign nationalities need a visa to enter Egypt, but, note that :

Citizens of just 10 countries and territories can visit visa-free for limited time.

Now you think that the only way to get Egypt’ Visa is to head to the nearest Egyptian Diplomatic Mission (Embassy/Consulate)in your country, an maybe that need you to travel so long distance as you live far from, and you don’t have time.

Egypt as being the cradle of civilization but Egypt now is a very modern country, saving no efforts to meet all your requirements,

Now, you can apply for an Egypt visa online. But you must must be from one of the 74* eligible countries and meet Egypt’s e-visa requirements.

*Note: the Number has been increased by adding more countries.

Egypt e-visa eligible countries: 

Originally, passport holders from just 46 countries previously could apply for e-visa, but as of April 1st, 2022 the number has been increased to be 180 eligible countries.

For All eligible countries, please visit the only official site for getting your e-visa:


Citizens of some nations can visit the Sinai resorts without a visa. A special permission stamp is granted on arrival for a maximum of 14 days.

Are there any Egypt visa-free countries?

The answer, yes. Please find hereunder the list of visa-free countries:


Egypt visa-free countries:

Bahrain                                                Macao

Hong Kong                                          Oman

Kuwait                                                Saudi Arabia

Lebanon                                             United Arab Emirates

Israel*                                                 Malaysia (14 days)


(Special conditions apply).


What Type of passport needed to travel to Egypt

Egyptian immigration authorities accept both biometric (ePassport) and traditional passports. Biometric passports are more advanced than traditional passports, and therefore more widely used.

For further detail regarding changes in your passport or anything else  , Please visit the only official site of Egypt e-visa:

Egypt tourist e-visa eligible countries

Please note that, foreign nationalities traveling to Egypt for tourism purposes must present a visa to enter the country. The Egypt tourist visa is an essential requirement to visit Egypt and explore its incredible history, cities and landmarks.

For the list of countries eligible for an Egypt e-visa, Please visit the only official site of Egypt e-visa:


Countries listed eligible can get a tourist visa for Egypt online. The process is 100% online; applicants fill out an electronic form and receive the approved e-visa by e-mail.

Please note:

Travelers from e-visa eligible countries can also get a visa on arrival in Egypt. However, only single – entry visas are available on arrival, multiple entry visas must be obtained online. Tourists are advised to apply online in advance to avoid delays at the borders.

Please note:

Visitors who are not eligible for the Egypt e-visa need to obtain a visa in advance through the diplomatic mission, embassy visas can take several weeks to process.

Please note:

Foreigners visiting Egypt for non-tourism purposes, such as to work or study, must contact the nearest embassy to require the relevant visa.

Quick Facts/ Important information about The Egypt e-visa for travellers:

E-visa validity:             03 Months.

Length of stay:            up to 30 days.

Number of entries:    single or multiple-entries.

Ports of entry:             Air / land and sea.

Purpose of travel:       tourism.

The Procedures / Travel to Egypt with an Egyptian e-visa

To enter Egypt for tourism, all eligible travellers should submit an application for an Egyptian e-visa before leaving the country of departure. The applicant will receive their confirmed e-visa for Egypt, via e-mail.

The traveller will need to print at least one copy of their approved e-visa for Egypt. Upon arrival at the Egyptian port of entry, he/she will have to present the approved Egypt e-visa to the Egyptian border control.

Details about e-visa application and the procedures:

Please visit the only official site of Egypt e-visa”


Please note:

All those carrying an Egypt e-visa are required to abide by all legislation regarding the e-visa as well as all Egyptian laws while in the country.

Please find below the Visitor visa’ requirements for Egypt

To apply for an Egypt’ e-visa, all travellers must meet the visitor visa requirements. A traveller cannot obtain a visitor visa without a valid passport when completing an application to get the Egypt e-visa, the person should provide their details as they appear on their official travel document.

The Egypt e-visa can be obtained online if the applicant meets the tourist visa requirements. Applicants must be:

  • Holder of a passport valid for at least 06 months from the entry date.
  • Nationality of an eligible country (please looks at the eligible countries; list above).
  • Visiting Egypt for up to 30 days.


Please find below the Visa requirements to travel to Sinai resorts: (Sharm IL Sheikh/Dahab/Nuweibaa and Taba):

Citizens of several countries do not need a visa to visit the Sinai resorts of Sharm IL Sheikh, Dahab,Nuweibaa and Taba for up to 14 days. A special permission stamp is issued on arrival.

Please note

Travellers will need to get a visa for Sharm El Sheik in the following situations:

  • They plan to leave Sharm El Sheik during their stay and see other parts of Egypt.
  • Stays of more than 14 days.
  • They are coming to Sharm El Sheik for reasons other than tourism.
  • They do not have a passport issued by an eligible country.

Please note below the Information required to apply for the Egypt e-visa:

Egypt e-visa applicants must complete the online form with all the required information. Basic personal information, passport data, and contact details are required, including:

  • Full name and date of birth.
  • Nationality.
  • Passport number, issue date, and expiry date.
  • Date of arrival and departure.
  • Host information / (accommodation in Egypt).

Please note:

Applicants must check all the information carefully before submitting the request. Any mistakes or missing details could lead to processing delays.

Please note the Requirements for the Egypt visa on arrival

Important Note:

  • Passengers can avoid queuing for a visa on arrival in Egypt by applying for an e-visa.
  • The Egyptian e-visa is the most convenient option for most eligible visitors.

However, for people traveling to Egypt in the next few days, who do not have time to apply for e-visa, the visa on arrival is a useful option.

Travelers can get an Egypt visa on arrival from one of the Kiosks/Desks at any of the airport terminals.


Important Note:

The visa fee must be paid in cash (credit and debit cards are not accepted).

Applicants receive a visa sticker which they present at the immigration desks to gain entry.

Important Note:

  • The visa on arrival allows visitors to stay for up to 30 days.
  • Only single – entry visas are available on arrival.

For further detail please check the official site of Egypt e-visa:


To check the status of your e-visa for Egypt, please visit the official site of Egypt e-visa:


Important Note:

Egypt e-visa processing is fast. The status of the Egypt e-visa will usually change to approved in 1 to 5 business days.

Thanks to the email notifications, travellers do not need to check the status of their application manually.

For further detail, please visit the only official site of Egypt e-visa:


What are the Visa requirements to visit Hurghada?

If you intend to go to Hurghada on a vacation, so, you need an Egyptian short-stay visa.

Note that the tourist e-visa is the most convenient option for eligible travelers.

Is there any nationality eligible for Hurghada’ visa-free?

Yes, and The only nationalities who are eligible for visa-free entry into Hurghada are 9, they are citizens from the following countries:

Bahrain Hong Kong Kuwait Lebanon Macao
Oman Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates Malaysia

Important Note:

  • Citizens of some other nations are visa-exempted under certain conditions.
  • It is necessary to apply for a visa for Hurghada from all other countries.
  • Over 40 nationalities, including citizens of the UK, All EU Countries, Russia, Canada Australia, and New Zealand can get an electronic visa online.

For a full list of the nationalities who are eligible for the Hurghada/Egypt e-visa. Please visit the only official site of Egypt e-visa:


Can I get a Visa on arrival at Hurghada Airport?

Please note that, Long queues for a visa on arrival are not unusual. To save time and hassle, many travelers choose the electronic travel visa for Hurghada the online application only takes a few minutes to complete.

However,passport holders from these countries can also get a visa on arrival at Hurghada International Airport.

To check the citizens can get a visa on arrival at Hurghada International Airport, Please visit the only official site of Egypt e-visa:

Can I Travel to Egypt with an ID card?

The answer, again is yes, but , read the following carefully:

Whether or not, a foreign visitor can get an online visa for Egypt with an ID card depends on their nationality. In most cases, a valid passport is needed to apply for the visa.

However, nationals of the following countries can apply for an Egyptian visa without a passport image, by using their ID card instead:

  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Portugal

Only travellers from these 5 countries will be issued an Egypt visa with an ID card. All other nationalities eligible for the eVisa need to use their valid passport.

For full detail and requirements Please visit the only official site of Egypt e-visa:

Is there any Transit Visa for Egypt?

The answer is again, yes and no

Please read carefully:

Several flights to countries in Africa and the Middle East have a layover in Egypt. Cairo International Airport (CAI) serves transit passengers from across the globe.

Passengers are often unsure whether a transit visa is required for Egypt. This will depend on how long the traveler has between flights and whether they intend to leave the airport.

Not everyone needs a visa to transit through Egypt. Citizens of visa-free countries are not required to apply for a transit visa. Only 9 countries are visa-exempt — most being nations in the Gulf and the Middle East.

Other visitors only need a visa to transit through Egypt if the layover exceeds 48 hours.

Iranian citizens, however, need to apply for a transit visa regardless of how long they will spend in Egypt between flights. Iranians need to apply for a transit visa for Egypt through an embassy or consulate.

Travelers can spend a limited time in Egypt visa-free between flights. Foreigners do not need a transit visa to stay for up to 48 hours.

Transit passengers at Cairo airport can take advantage of facilities including restaurants, shops, banks, and business facilities.

Passengers with between 6 and 48 hours to wait between flights can leave the airport and explore the area without a visa. A valid onward flight ticket is required.

Passengers with fewer than 6 hours until their departing flight must stay in the airport. Most travelers can, however, leave the transit area. This does not apply to nationals of Afghanistan, Lebanon, Palestine, and the Philippines who must stay in the airport transit area.

Travelers with a few hours or days between flights can make the most of their time to visit the area close to the airport. There are regular buses leaving from Cairo Terminal 1 to take tourists into the city, as well as taxis.

Transit passengers in Cairo can visit tourist attractions during the layover, including the following popular sights:

Please note that, Visitors with an Egyptian e-visa may spend longer exploring the capital city. Passengers transiting Egypt without a visa must return to the airport to catch a departing flight with 48 hours.

Important note:

Transit passengers must allow plenty of time to travel between the airport and the city center.